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July 30, 2012


Originally posted on Su'eddie in Life n' Literature:
Bless the inky winds flapping my winged thoughts flying that increases the glory of the sun lighting the love The various lines and rhymes metaphors, imageries and times None compare to the best –   Not the many successes I crave nor the anguish and fear…

This is a brilliant idea

July 30, 2012


Originally posted on layrite:
    Women’s Tale is a new female focused magazine which will begin its quarterly publication from September, 2012. The concept behind this project is captured in this acronym ‘Triple E’ which stands for Educating, Entertaining, and Enticing tales of women. Our major objective is to create a platform where girls…

Kissing or Sex: Which Is More Important?

July 28, 2012


Interesting topic, but one which requires an in-depth response…. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg, kissing or sex? Which is more intimate? To some, kissing is more intimate than having sex, while some believe sex is more intimate than kissing. The argument for the former: “Kissing is more intimate because it’s like sharing […]

The Goddess

July 28, 2012


Like a goddess you stand Beauty chiseled out of perfection Graceful, overpowering and commanding A sight so alluring Sending my senses to dizzying delights Drunk I am on the nectar of your passion In contempt I stand in the courtyard of your treasures The attraction shared beyond measure My heart’s desire condemns me to a […]

Johari’s Window

July 27, 2012


Caught between me, myself and i Who decides which path i try? Aptly qualified to make such a decision, i deny Me as the world sees Myself as I choose to be known I as I truly am Looking deep within the mirror of my soul Leaves questions like a big gaping hole Can i […]

July 25, 2012


Originally posted on wordsofhonestunwisdom:
What is this life? Is it nothing but loving and losing? Is this not a life for the damned? Am I damned, are we all? This life, this life is only living, only loving, consistently growing.  You can never lose love, you can only lose the living. The reality of death…


July 24, 2012


False perceptions of existence Misconceptions of the infinite Wrong conceptions of our purpose Deception of our true destination Truth remains hidden in plain sight Until innate awareness awakens Deep slumber no longer a plight The moment awakening dawns is our morning Vanquished the night of ignorance becomes Washed up on the beaches of truth Dashed […]