Posted on August 8, 2013


Brilliant piece of writing


“Let’s get out of here babes, I’m bored.”

I smiled looking at him through my long lashes. I rather no one noticed. These meetings were getting longer and more boring with time; the new manager redefined boredom on a whole new level.

In his eyes I saw passion. He was definitely ready for me—I knew exactly what he had in mind. These days all I think about is him. His smell, touch…his smell more than anything else. A smell crisp as a cold winter’s night.

I responded to his text.

“Easy tiger! I’m speaking next babes, then we can get the hell out of here okay” I finished with a wink icon and he smiled.

He stared right at me, unashamed, licking his lower lip, I cringe; shocked and worried someone would notice. The manager finally spoke.

“Okay family, here she is! The one who makes all of us proud…

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