Johari’s Window

Posted on July 27, 2012


Caught between me, myself and i
Who decides which path i try?
Aptly qualified to make such a decision, i deny

Me as the world sees
Myself as I choose to be known
I as I truly am

Looking deep within the mirror of my soul
Leaves questions like a big gaping hole
Can i truly be bold?

Who am i really?
What am I truly?
Who am i supposed to be?

Who do i want to be?
Who i am that people see
Is this who i’m meant to be?

Or just a show for them to see?
I think I know what they see…
They do see beyond who I claim to be

i think i know what is me
The stench of pretense oozes like a foul odour
On a hot humid summer day

Putrid as unintended self-exposure;
calling out to an unwelcomed gathering;
a gathering of human flies

Exposing truth and hidden lies
Looking out of Johari’s Window
i can only hope that the hidden and unknown me

be the real me for all to see

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