This is a brilliant idea

Posted on July 30, 2012


This is a brilliant idea.




Women’s Tale is a new female focused magazine which will begin its quarterly publication from September, 2012. The concept behind this project is captured in this acronym ‘Triple E’ which stands for Educating, Entertaining, and Enticing tales of women. Our major objective is to create a platform where girls and women that have been victims of molestation in whatsoever form can be consoled and empowered in a way that will positively change their lives. We also seek to tell their stories for others to take something from. All in all, we aim to celebrate women and girls who have passed through one trauma or the other but still came out of it triumphantly.

We are using this medium to call for articles and interviews that fulfil any of the above objectives. We are also accepting pictures, poems, cartoons, art works, puzzles, short stories and narrative non-fiction pieces. We…

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