The Lock of Hair

Posted on August 23, 2013


The Lock of Hair is trip down memory lane, awakening feelings of nostalgia for places we know as home. Well done Dotta, a good read.


My Father named me Ebelechukwu, which means Mercy of God because he believes the good Lord finally had mercy on my poor mama and granted her the only wish she prayed and begged about for fifteen years.

You see, mama is the last of six wives; following in the family tradition of having only male children, she gave birth to three sets of male twins.

Coming from a big family, friends and family found it rather fascinating as a little kid I knew all my family members, every single last one of them by name. Except of course you exclude new births and those not living in Nigeria.

My brothers, James and John, the oldest of mama’s children, are in secondary school. Timothy and Amos, who come after them, are in junior secondary school, while Phillip and Micah are in primary six; counting eleven male children from the other five…

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