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Stormy Weather

May 23, 2012


It’s dark… The clouds have formed The wind blows savagely through the land Objects get tossed like debris in a desert storm Yet I stand a tree in the midst of life’s storms My branches do sway to the call of the winds The winds though strong unable to fall my leaves This stormy rain […]

What’s In A Name?

May 23, 2012


WHAT’S IN A NAME? Ilerioluwa (Promise of God) A name that inspires, admires: writes beautiful lines Lines that conjure imagery that set the mind free Women adore his play with words Picture Agnes and the words birthed into life When he reminisces about becoming a man Agnes Is truly a woman worthy of accolades Jefsaraurmax… […]

It’s Never Too Much…

May 23, 2012


Of different shapes, sizes and colours: the epitome of sexy Powerful men have been brought to their knees Willing to commit atrocities Women young and old adore you Men young and old can’t resist you   On a platform you alone stand Your reward for those that honour you is their gain Gain mingled with […]

Pictures That Lie

May 21, 2012


Who says pictures don’t lie? Behind the smiles reality cries Glamour hides frowns with smiles Disappointment masked by woos of affluence Who says houses don’t lie? Behind sand, brick and wood A beautiful facade for distraught hearts All things fallen apart Who says cars can’t tell lies? Behind smooth, sleek lines and turning eyes Empty […]

A Woman’s Plight Is No Delight!

May 12, 2012


A woman’s plight is no delight Time was when women never had a voice Like children, Seen not heard And without choice Voting! Who born dog! All you were good for is sex and giving birth Desperate to be Mrs. Somebody You become nobody A young woman turned into a wife Who became a mother […]


May 6, 2012


Sorrow finds its home in our today and tomorrows Is there life devoid of sorrow? It shapes our today and tomorrows   On the bed of sorrow we can find the wings of strength And the breath of courage To live a better tomorrow   Who can resist the call of sorrow? Death, loss, distance, […]

Foreigner In England

May 2, 2012


In this foreign land called England Mama Charlie is grand My red passport Is no comfort Driving a nice car Is a signal for police escort! Like a Bull charging for the Matador’s red cape Surely I’ll be pulled over! Given a once over! In my Motherland I drive a man without care Here they […]