What’s In A Name?

Posted on May 23, 2012



Ilerioluwa (Promise of God)

A name that inspires, admires: writes beautiful lines

Lines that conjure imagery that set the mind free

Women adore his play with words

Picture Agnes and the words birthed into life

When he reminisces about becoming a man

Agnes Is truly a woman worthy of accolades


A name that commands and demands introspection

Deep thoughts require reflection

Don’t Tell Me not to mourn the loss of a loved one

Life is all about Threading Water and not being swallowed by its storms


Lawore Olufemi

A name, that waxes lyrical

Lucifer’s Poetry is paradoxical

Its impact incontestable

Singing a Song For A Terrorist

They are yet to know they will rot in a timeless abyss.


Esosa a man of justice without conflict

Burning between lines of pride and prejudice

Integrity is his watchword

And Justice For All

With Silent Lucidity and fluidity

He glides effortlessly in and out of justice’s extremities

His muse…most likely a song


Zazu a name that speaks to the heart

With him, everything has class

Precognition requires knowledge

For which he embraces every strand

Who knows better than him the woes

Of burning ones bridges; the throes

Oh he knows

Life is a Birdsong For A Songbird


What’s in a name I ask?

Each name resonates and conjures it own imagery

An expectation,

The anticipation of delivery

What a joy it is to have a resounding name

A name that reflects who we are or hope to be

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