A Woman’s Plight Is No Delight!

Posted on May 12, 2012


A woman’s plight is no delight

Time was when women never had a voice

Like children,

Seen not heard

And without choice

Voting! Who born dog!

All you were good for is sex and giving birth

Desperate to be Mrs. Somebody

You become nobody

A young woman turned into a wife

Who became a mother

Who became a nag

Who later became a slag

Who became boring

And ended up a divorcee.

A woman’s plight is no delight!

If your womb a male child does not bear

You are considered no more than wear and tear

Along came women’s lib in exchange for a baby’s crib

Women’s Right? You got it all wrong

Women should be heard but not seen wearing a beard

Not trying to be a man

You are who you are

A pride, a blessing and a joy you are.

Is it a delight or plight?

To know

From creation

You are destined for greatness

Meant to be an Empress

Your very nature demands that I be impressed

Your spell binding beauty always keeps my interest

You don’t have to undress

Or show flesh

To arouse my interest

How can I be king without you my queen?

There’s no you or me without We

But you sell your precious birthright

For a lousy one nightstand

Your precious wares flung before the undeserving kind

Fodder meant for swine

But for whom you truly are

An absolute crime.

A woman’s plight is no delight!

To be Bullied, Battered and Beaten?

To be called whore, ‘hoe, slag or ashawo?

You were elevated by the Divine

You know you are sublime

But you willing sellout for a dime

Scantily clad in rags fit for a clown

A dishonour to your royal background

All you attract are thieves and clowns

Scum who know your worth

But would rather play with you in the dirt

Sticking filthy vile hands up your royal skirt

You aid the progeny of bastards!

For every man that takes a bite of your fruit

Their bite marks remain with you

Their essence a foul potpourri of vile character and traits

Merged into the soul, the essence of a new born

How can you forget your womb is royal passage?

Should you not choose a worthy one for the right of passage?

Like an extension of the Divine Tree

You are a passage to a lifetime.


Take up your mantle of honour

Disrobe from your regalia of dishonour

Don your royal gown of dignity

Let no one fool you of your royal ancestry

You are indeed priceless

If you don’t value YOU

The world will not wake up and increase your VALUE!

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