Pictures That Lie

Posted on May 21, 2012


Who says pictures don’t lie?
Behind the smiles reality cries
Glamour hides frowns with smiles
Disappointment masked by woos of affluence

Who says houses don’t lie?
Behind sand, brick and wood
A beautiful facade for distraught hearts
All things fallen apart

Who says cars can’t tell lies?
Behind smooth, sleek lines and turning eyes
Empty hearts devoid of true treasure
Life without meaning is no pleasure

Can’t jobs tell lies?
Behind positions, affluence and status
Lies the groveling, stress, deadlines; high blood pressure
Bosses that hate your hide, willing to crush your very pride

Do families tell lies?
Behind solidarity; playing happy families
Hate, envy and resentment; all about competition
Drawing us closer in a web of lies and deceit; an ugly disposition

Give me a life; a mirror
That reflects all that is and should be
Devoid of monsters; full of humanity
Where brazen honesty embraces reality

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