It’s Never Too Much…

Posted on May 23, 2012


Of different shapes, sizes and colours: the epitome of sexy

Powerful men have been brought to their knees

Willing to commit atrocities

Women young and old adore you

Men young and old can’t resist you


On a platform you alone stand

Your reward for those that honour you is their gain

Gain mingled with the bitter cup of pain

Pain that can sometimes drive anyone insane

Insane that they become putty to your flames


You are the precedent to many an amorous night

In your honoured presence sanity takes flight

Flight is the plight of those not worthy in your sight

Adoration is for the woman

Adulation from the mouths of ravenous men

A sight that makes grown men tremble


You make women powerful

The pain you inflict is the pleasure some find in you

You are the choice they insist

Without you there would be conflict

A contradiction you are

Paradoxical to the core

Sometimes nonsensical

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