Posted on July 19, 2012


A beautiful piece of poetry





Our fatherland,

Land of false prophets

And distinguished fraudsters

Miracle sellers with varying powers

Heaven’s cashiers with no credentials


A million societies with a billion little leaders

All with a Jupiter size ego

And a direct link to Senegal or Mali

Or any other places where their Allah lives.

You will know them when you see them,


In their oversize regalia

Walking as if the earth will crack

Adding decades to their age

Carrying themselves with predictable arrogance

Spitting out meaningless pontifications





Twisting the messages of divine Ayats

Concocting false Hadiths and stupid stories

Justifying absurdities with impunity

Dancing to their tuneless song of shame



Monopolizing our tainted air waves

Hijacking our disarray thought process

Desecrating everything along the way

Little filthy bastards


Who award themselves unknown titles

Along with several line crazy appellation,

While adding…

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