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July 16, 2013


Observing The truth has always been glaring Is there any other to blame? Running or hiding does not obscure truth There’s only one love Only one true love Only one beloved I forget I’m a hired hand Storekeeper of another’s treasure. Deluded to a fault Delusions are my reality Looking for hope where none can […]


December 20, 2012


A vision for eyes to see Mother Nature’s mystery Compassion her Achilles Heel Yet, favored by unseen beings Beauty of Aphrodite Blessed by Anteros Carried on the wings of Eros Himeros guides her footsteps Protected by Hera and Hedylogos Zeus ensures walking on clouds Occasionally throwing in a few thunderstorms.


October 19, 2012


Isolated in misery Happiness; elusive like a golden fleece Why this is; forever a mystery A dark place to call home Some hearts realize they are all alone Many choose sandcastles for a home No sooner a surprise tide visits Laying desolate the mirage called home To exist no more on the shores of time […]

Six Today

October 7, 2012


Six today I can count in many ways Reasons you are here to stay A star- never to fade away Bringing Joy each day Glowing like the month of May Shinning like a bright sunny day Keeping gloom at bay A smile that never decays With you misery goes astray A precious gift come to […]


October 6, 2012


Two decades gone by So much could have gone awry Surviving a tsunami of problems Emerging victorious. Refusing to be drowned Heads bobbing in a sea of sorrows Gasping for air of hope Passion to survive not remote. Despite ups and downs Facing life without a frown For you always a clown Making sure you […]

Love Is Not Blind!

September 13, 2012


Love is not blind An all-seeing eye Everything enhanced and magnified Seeing more, it chooses to see less Transparent our beloved become, Under Love’s microscope Everything is seen: The good, bad and downright ugly. Beneath the microscope of love Nothing escapes love’s purview We become the elephant in the room; Nowhere to hide. What we […]


August 22, 2012


Engulfed in a sea of passion Remaining cool like arctic ice Filled with raging desire Yet calm; your feathers still and unruffled Articulate yet mute Gregarious on a sunny day Sedentary by nightfall What is the price of expression? Being in the arms of another? If a prize to be treasured Die I would of […]