Love Is Not Blind!

Posted on September 13, 2012


Love is not blind
An all-seeing eye
Everything enhanced and magnified
Seeing more, it chooses to see less

Transparent our beloved become,
Under Love’s microscope
Everything is seen:
The good, bad and downright ugly.

Beneath the microscope of love
Nothing escapes love’s purview
We become the elephant in the room;
Nowhere to hide.

What we seek to hide
Love has already found
Choosing to see a diamond in the rough
Accepting us as we are for now.

Gradually working its magic
The magic of transformation
Molding, guiding and changing
Until we become as meant to be.

Love is change
It doesn’t force change
It compels change
Irrefutable valid arguments for change.

Selfishness replaced with generous spirit
With patience it transforms
The hardened heart;
Becomes forgiving, soft, warm and loving.

Like a buried seed
Love withers and dies
The old man must first wither and die
Transmuting into a glorious being.

If a new man is to be born
The purpose of love is change
Its motivation; change
The only reason we are enticed into its bosom.

Love dangles a carrot
Called companionship or sex
Like a mouse caught in a trap
We are held, vice like, spellbound and transfixed.

Immediately past the initial stage
Of lust, attraction or puppy love
Love makes itself known
Its aim to teach.

Teach it does!
Methods beyond the wildest imagination
Situations contrived, staged and deliberate
Experience, no matter how ugly is the best teacher!

Tunnel vision becomes broad-vision
Self-absorbed, self-centered and foolish pride;
Change to self-sacrificing, generosity and humility
Virtues learned over time.

Patience, tolerance, forgiveness;
Long-suffering, trustworthy and honesty
Not easy lessons to learn
But learn we must.

Elsewise; condemned to a vicious cycle
Doomed to replicate relationships
Situations and scenarios; the feeling of déjà vu
Forever repeating until progress is made.


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