Posted on August 22, 2012


Engulfed in a sea of passion
Remaining cool like arctic ice
Filled with raging desire
Yet calm; your feathers still and unruffled
Articulate yet mute
Gregarious on a sunny day
Sedentary by nightfall
What is the price of expression?
Being in the arms of another?
If a prize to be treasured
Die I would of thirst in a hot dry desert
Jaded sight sees chaos
Greener grass abounds thru naïve eyes
Compromised ears hearing ghost voices
Wide awake; dreaming a convenient reality
Illusions with flights of fantasy;
Like the Titanic
Soon capsize in a sea of unreality
You are the speed bump to reality
The brick wall preventing you and me
Drowning us in an ocean of misery
Will you ever let us be?


Posted in: Poetry