Hunger For Success

Posted on August 22, 2012


Can trust flourish;
When lies and deceit abound?
Can the mouse sleep tight;
If the hungry cat is on the prowl?

Hunger for success presents two doors
Through one lies the monster of the abyss
Illuminating a dark path
Success is immediate

Like a candle giving light
It shines, but soon diminishes
Its end like melted wax;
A foregone conclusion

Its name evil;
Spoken with caution
Is greed, discontentment
Impatience and anger

Behind the other door lies;
Elusive, the bird of peace,
Flying on the wings of patience
Soaring on the air of tolerance

Hindrance embraced with fortitude
Thirst quenched at the fountain of contentment
The brave walk through this door
Standing triumphant: much more than victors

In weakness many choose the first door
Embracing the Dark side
Becoming ghouls
Trampling upon simple souls

Justifying, simplifying and accommodating
immorality over priceless virtues
There are no grey areas
Success loses savour with innocent cries

The scales of justice
Appear nonexistent probably skewered
But Time like the patient dog
Lies waiting to take a big bite


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