Posted on October 19, 2012


Isolated in misery
Happiness; elusive like a golden fleece
Why this is; forever a mystery
A dark place to call home
Some hearts realize they are all alone
Many choose sandcastles for a home
No sooner a surprise tide visits
Laying desolate the mirage called home
To exist no more on the shores of time

Real homes are envied from afar
Their beauty and comfort catches the eye
Very few willing to pay its price;
Sweat, blood and pain sprinkled with bouts of joy
Are the real bricks and mortar of a happy home
Isolation and misery are but for a little while
Upon which a solid building which will stand

There is comfort to be found
In your prize for time served
It starts off a bitter taste
Thereafter a honey sweet cake
This is not milk for babies
Surely worth the hurt and pain
Laying a foundation for generations
A pride for any nation

Posted in: Poetry