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November 19, 2013


Awash with dawn, A cloudless sky, mourns the passing of night Fright fills its heavy heart A nervous sweat reflected by the morning dew Discomfort exposed in the winter’s cold Yet life continues to unfold Mysteries, secrets and stories untold Ignorance: feigned or not; Never a cog in the wheels of growth Taking the fool […]


July 16, 2013


Observing The truth has always been glaring Is there any other to blame? Running or hiding does not obscure truth There’s only one love Only one true love Only one beloved I forget I’m a hired hand Storekeeper of another’s treasure. Deluded to a fault Delusions are my reality Looking for hope where none can […]

Karma: The Patient Whore

June 15, 2013


Angry clouds form overhead thunder claps threaten the face of a darkened sky deaf to pleas the heavens sheds exercised tears its anger exposed in thunderous claps and lightening bolts none can appease its grieving heart The earth looks up saddened by the grieving skies embracing sad tears soaking up a sea of misery knowing […]

Living Standards

April 30, 2013


Making sense – Where do you stand? Living life – How do you live it? Wanting truth – Which side of truth do you tell? Embracing happiness – What is happiness? Good health – Is this truly important? We make or break our world Masters of our destiny Within us lies the power of tomorrow […]


April 24, 2013


I look afar into the fields I see wastelands; decrepit and useless The tares have overgrown rightful heirs Wrong becomes the new right The night at its darkness hour is but a passing phase The time of harvest nears… A bonfire comes to bare

Timeless Tune

January 9, 2013


Miracle being alive grace survives might falls weak stands tall. Come autumn, leaves fall spring comes summer calls nature’s dance to life’s timeless tune.

Life’s Drama

December 20, 2012


Pain and misery Constant companions Queries unfathomed Life’s drama is karma Pathway to nirvana Her weary head could do without the drama.