Living Standards

Posted on April 30, 2013


money in hand

Making sense – Where do you stand?
Living life – How do you live it?
Wanting truth – Which side of truth do you tell?
Embracing happiness – What is happiness?
Good health – Is this truly important?

We make or break our world
Masters of our destiny
Within us lies the power of tomorrow
Yet we gladly embrace sorrow
Choices that make us borrow

Today’s choice – tomorrows news
Making Sense is not past tense
When common sense serves a death sentence
Yesterday’s choice is tomorrows headlines
Fool becomes the only apt byline

Today’s poor man decision has tomorrows billionaire price tag
Can any ever afford tomorrows price tag?
Yet today we brazenly make expensive and overpriced purchases
Happiness rejects the layaway plans we come to embrace
Good health cannot be paid with the bad coin of wrong decisions

Tomorrows wealth is gathered through today’s toil and sweat
We don’t gather much when we gather late
Truth you should know, is not a secondhand commodity
Neither bears it any relation to trade by barter
Reality differs. Sanity suffers but universal truth remains true

Honesty power-steers the cart of decision-whatever path we choose
Sincerity keeps its wheels of acceptance rolling
Happiness is not a unicorn, its hard as hard work
The culmination of uphill decisions
Struggling against a slippery slope of choices

Happiness is delayed gratification
Toiling today is tomorrows salvation
Passengers be not at a train station
Live today for tomorrow
Let today’s fugitive exhilaration not turn tomorrows sorrow

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