It’s Always Good To Talk

Posted on June 16, 2013


Life throws us a curved ball many a time, it how we choose to react to it that matter most. More so, if we do listen to that inner voice we will find that we end up making decisions we won’t regret.
Beautiful story Dotta, nicely written


I know a man, Thomas who married a woman named Vivian. Since he got married, he is no longer the same. Thomas no longer smiles or laughs as much anymore and has become cynical and withdrawn. Compelled, I asked him once why he lives this way and his reply was “I’ve made my bed”.

I know Vivian, but not as well as I do Thomas. She’s lovely and seems pleasant enough which makes me wonder why marriage to her, has made Thomas become a shadow of his former self while she seems to be normal as ever.

Another man Peter, loves and adores his wife Betty and would move mountains to make her smile. Betty in return loves him too and they seem happy together and are the envy of many, married and single. The usual talk about them is, “Oh…have you seen Peter and Betty? Or why can’t you…

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