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July 16, 2013


Observing The truth has always been glaring Is there any other to blame? Running or hiding does not obscure truth There’s only one love Only one true love Only one beloved I forget I’m a hired hand Storekeeper of another’s treasure. Deluded to a fault Delusions are my reality Looking for hope where none can […]

Living Standards

April 30, 2013


Making sense – Where do you stand? Living life – How do you live it? Wanting truth – Which side of truth do you tell? Embracing happiness – What is happiness? Good health – Is this truly important? We make or break our world Masters of our destiny Within us lies the power of tomorrow […]

Seeking Bliss

April 24, 2013


Blind Lost Wandering Deep I fall down the stairs into a void Avoiding clarity Reality is insanity Truth refuses to cower and hide Until my makeshift crutch becomes reality Seeking bliss I take the piss Creating an imaginary sky Its beauty fills me but a while Until it’s time to rest my wary hide Shiver […]