Evil Deeds

Posted on October 28, 2012


Straight from the pit of hell
Evil takes flight
Abode is an idle mind
Good thoughts lynched in a mob fight
Hearts sowing angry seeds
Thoughts driven by ugly deeds,
Revenge is sanity
Another’s suffering: ecstacy

Like a child
Evil grows in the womb of the mind
Nourished by the placenta of the wicked kind
To become the driving force
Birth given to a growing curse

Feeble minds therein lose identity
A marriage of iniquity
Home of disgruntled souls
Groomed by rancid thoughts
Birthplace of demonic goals
refusing to stand alone
Seeking out kindred souls

Inevitable is evil’s demise
Its glory days lost without spice
Untold misery awaits the evil mind
Unhappiness: curse of a lifetime
Discontentment; burden of eternity
Reward of an idle mind’s evil seeds

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