Cloak n Dagger

Posted on September 26, 2012


Like the camel’s hump carrying the world
You crave a better tomorrow
On your own this load – a burden

You flee like a bird from its nest
Anywhere but home is a sanctuary
A place to live out fantasy

The heart resides out of home
Where you live in cloak and dagger
Temporal succor found in an alternate universe

Cloaked in unreality
You stab yourself with the dagger of uncertainty
Chosen activities shrouded in secrecy

Pretense clouds a wandering heart
Cloaking itself with distrust and dishonesty
Slowly digging in the dagger of disunity

Outside the home a different personality
Security clearance required for honesty
Access restricted to levels of positivity

Passwords to concealed email accounts
Thoughts hidden become exposed
Actions more than words; betray intentions.

Old bones meant to be buried
Flavour meant to be forgotten
Cleaved to; held dear -cherished memories.

The stench of insincerity
A heart lost in another’s universe
Hoping for the joy of secret connectivity.

Like a snail retreating to the comfort of my shell
Hoping the next peek at you brings clarity
Chasing the clouds of deception away.


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