Little Devil

Posted on September 15, 2012


“Mummy can I have a bubble bath next time” Nkechi asked

“Sure sweetheart, but its best we do that in evening instead of morning, ok.”

“Ok, mummy.”

“Come closer so I can put lotion on your body.”

“Now go put on your panties.”

“Nkechi! Why are your panties still hanging around your thighs? Do I have to do everything for you? You are almost five you know. Come on! Quickly pull up your panties!” her mother chided.

“You pull up your breasts! They are falling down” Nkechi replied laughing whilst pointing at the not so firm breasts. Her wrapper which was tied loosely around her chest had gotten loose, falling to the ground.

“Why…you little imp! Where did you get a mouth like that?”

“But mum! Dad says I get everything from you” Nkechi replied in her sweet voice.

“Don’t you dare talk back at me! Where did you learn such rubbish?”

“Mummm! But don’t you talk back at daddy?

“Is there something wrong with you? That’s between your dad and I!”

“Mum you told me to always tell the truth. Dad says you always say nine things to his one”

“Why…you little devil! I’m going to start smacking you!”

“Mummy! But I heard you tell dad smacking is for retards!”

“Whaat! What did you just say? Are you calling me a retard?”

“Why would I do that mummy? I was just repeating what you told daddy.”

“Oh my gosh! You are a nightmare! I can’t believe I gave birth to you!”

“Is that why daddy said he can’t believe he married you?”

“You are definitely a devilish child!”

“But mum everyone says I resemble you…”

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