Boat of Life

Posted on September 15, 2012


On a boat we find ourselves
Companions to the elements
The toss and turn of the ocean
Throws us closer together.

Along comes a storm
Soon after, a more severe storm
Weathering the storm is the intention
To come out stronger striving for distiction
Falling apart out of the question.

Calm comes after every storm
The worst experienced in every form
Prior to the calm that finally transforms
Its sole aim; to reform.

In the boat of life
All we have is each other
Beyond ocean and boat; only you and me
Tides, storms and turbulence may rock us to and fro
Such is life, a means of growth.

Growth, reform and evolution;
Strengthens ties and bonds of oneness
Reinforced like an unbreakable bond
Knowing together we can overcome any storm
We could have been a statistic
Thankfully, we are part of the exception.


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