Computer Lovers

Posted on September 10, 2012


What harm is there?
When two souls mingle and care
Through keyboards they kiss, touch and compare
Exchanging words they hold dear.

Does foul play occur?
Two hearts beating as one
The internet their only connection
Smiling at the screen; two halves making a bun.

No need to check-in into The Four Seasons
Sharing private chat rooms; what better location
Private email accounts; not guilty of treason
Ignorance fuels their reason.

Boredom requires distraction
Unfulfillment craves satisfaction
Internet banter between wireless lovers
Supposedly a harmless infraction.

Sneaking and hiding; just having fun
Keep up appearances with a beloved one
Self-deceit; the biggest con
Who’s fooling who? Begs the question.

Will privacy strengthen the bonds of unity?
Does secrecy engender trust?
Is there life beyond clandestine alliances?
Rantings of an egotistical, selfish hypocrite?


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