Geisha Woman

Posted on August 29, 2012


Geisha woman marries a simpleton
Goes into a ninja sanctum
Learning to control her pelvic motions

Simpleton thought; what a promotion
Prelude to exciting sexual positions
Thrilled by promise of boot knocking commotion

Rejoiced at the pleasure of such notions
Filled with desire Geisha went into slow motion
Laid beside him like a log floating on the Pacific Ocean

Ninja school had thought her to still her emotions
Only with strangers did she show elation
Getting a standing ovation

Screaming with devotion
Rocking men like waves of the Atlantic Ocean
Screams of passionate desire came with an explosion

Simpleton witnessed her indiscretion
Went home expecting similar expression
Geisha wife had no intention

Fulfilling his passionate expectation
Meant his untimely extinction
Climaxing with Geisha; a fatal transaction

Heightened senses awakened by lust
Married men her prime target
Prime objective: take them out of fashion

Angel of Death fell for simpleton
He was her sole distraction
Her cause for satisfaction in a world full of dissatisfaction.


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