The Highway

Posted on July 17, 2012



Taking a drive down memory lane

Motorists in different directions

Destinations determined by a destiny beyond determination


The arrogance of ability conjures false sensibilities,

Embellishing self-importance over others with better abilities

OUR destination, more significant and urgent to reach; a liability creating hostility


Ignorance drives our passion to beat the highway,

Futile; efforts which only result in delay,

Numerous, indeterminable variables define and influence our to and fro,

We have no choice but go with the flow.


Driving down the highway is no show

Yet an opportunity for many to showboat

A split second; the unknown becomes known:

A seeming perfect day; now a nightmare


I know where I’m coming from; where I’m going to

The vicissitudes of life has seasons

Vehicles we are with reason

Inducing a storm over calm waters;

Awakening demons buried deep within oceans


The drive, this journey, takes its own time

Refuses to be hurried though we are in a hurry

It’s better to be eager and not hurried

Hurried is the next of kin to impatience,

Whose mother is recklessness

The offspring of which is impending disaster.


Unbeknownst to many a driver

Driving is a skill requiring other skill sets;

A way of being;

Navigating the subtle but harsh realities of the highway


The destination is the Holy Grail

Too many drivers seeking to arrive first

No one wants to be held up

Everyone seeking a shortcut


Shortcuts are but phantoms

Giving the illusion of progress

Like the dog forever chasing its tail

The journey becomes longer and further


If time and good fortune smile upon you

You will drive on the highway relaxed;

Knowing haste gets you nowhere fast

Better still, if you can, choose the scenic route


Though I pout as I find myself on the scenic route

Dragged I was, by the cuff of my shirt; a lout

Awake now I realize here I can sprout

Surely a miracle that I survived driving blind on the highway is no doubt

A feat only accomplished by destiny

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