Sword of Damocles

Posted on July 12, 2012


Calling Dana Flight 9J-992 to Lagos
Calling Dana Flight 9J-992 to Lagos
This is the last call for flight 9J-992 to Lagos
A call for a righteous few that will stand as sacrifice
Their sacrifice: the price for our better quality of life
That the broken wheel; fixed can now freely spin
Insecurity will now know police security
Fire damage will cower in fear of Fire Rescuers
Medical emergencies will take flight at the sound of ambulance services
This is a God given right of every citizen

The precious loss of life: the price tag for the progress of mankind
The Being came and paved the way
True sacrifice; the only way comes to stay
Though we mourn the loss of our loved ones, family and friends
In this loss we celebrate our gain
Are there not two sides to every coin?
Is life and death not both sides of the same coin?
A mirror, an echo of continuity masked in the dance of eternity

Though we ‘mourn’ the Cross of Calvary
Is there any that would like to continue in slavery?
Reject this generous sacrifice for you and me?
Yea, there will be sacrifice;
But some will surely pay the price for this sacrifice!

A name shared by government and public servants
Craftiness: his slice like theirs in this pie of betrayal
Their reward is woe; weaved and woven in the blood our innocent

So it is and shall be for all those past and present in government
Every public official that fed and fattened of the misery of our problems
Dana flight 9J-992 is their sword of Damocles
For them there is no miracle
The tentacles of Karma bring their ridicule

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