Sacrificial Lamb

Posted on April 29, 2012


Nurtured in innocence
Living life carefree with spice
Not everyone sees a mind full of life
I’m a meal!
To evil friend, family and foe
Waiting to devour me I know

Dreams and nightmares expose the truth
The evil in their heart glowing through and true
Like a beacon
The evil in their minds a guiding brute
That the lamb may know the wolf
Sacrificial lamb is all they see
Evil eyes that peer into another’s future and won’t let it be
Minds filled with evil deeds
Conceive my path’s architecture

A future yet attained fully remains
Why deny me the chance to achieve my gains
Evil greed hell bent on taking another’s victory
Going to any length to destroy me
Their help lies in dark
To shrines of false nonexistent gods
[Jolly Good!] They are blind for sure!

Sacrificial lamb they think I am
As God’s creation I stand
Full of life and spice
Embracing all things nice
Their demise is God’s hidden spice

Why can’t I live carefree?
Evil minds and eyes watching to kill me
What they want God has kept for me
In my gift of abundance they find a thrill
Full of excitement they want a kill
They will never have their fill
Nor fulfill their evil desires
My LIFE is mine!
Given by grace from my Sire

If I but lived in a world that allowed one to be
Happy as a lark I would be
Alas! Though preying eyes have laid snares!
Faith says I’m your mother
Love my Father
Courage my brother
With these on my side
I know mine enemies will surely crumble together

Sacrificial lamb I know I’m not
Money vault for another, created not
All I am is what I am meant to be
Not a source of wealth to thee
As sure as the sun shines bright each day
I know my feet will find its stay

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