Posted on April 29, 2012


Nurtured you from birth
Clothes I gave off my back
Food you did not lack
Shelter I was and harm a distant past

Adult you are
Friends you have
Company you keep
Choices you seek
Decisions you make
Consequences you cannot alienate

Older you are
Friends you don’t have to keep
Company a luxury treat
Choices hesitant to make
Decisions reluctant to take
Consequences you now have to live with

Shunned I have been
Neglected like a leprous man
Pest you have considered me
Was I not the one who nurtured thee
The one that cared when the world left you out
Clothed when you were stripped naked
Protected when vulnerable within
Sheltered when all was void without

Where is my home
Who is my companion
Who is my friend
What am I to you
What do I represent for you

Am I to be used and discarded
Shelter and then abandoned
Comfort only to be rejected
Love only to be despised

Thinking back to the nurturing
Caring, giving, loving, shelter and protection
Love meant to be unconditional, but reciprocal
Will you love me in my old age
Clean me when I am soiled
Hold me when lonely

I thought ours was a special relationship
A unique bond, bound by time and love
Where does this leave me
Where does this leave you
Where is this bond time should grow

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