Proud To Be Nigerian

Posted on April 29, 2012


Born in a foreign land
Grew up in my Motherland
A land filled with Milk and Honey
Our flag is Green, White Green
A land so beautiful
It took years to grow on me.
Returning to this foreign land
I learnt to honour my Motherland
Precious to me my homeland
Proud I became to speak my mother tongue.

The White man’s land is not my land
His ways
Not mine to imbibe
It took my return to this foreign land
To acknowledge
Proud to be NIGERIAN
A land God blessed full and free
The earth’s bounty abundant naturally.
My return to this foreign land
Exposed the White man to me
Being black is best and beautiful
Our skin the colour of earth
So wonderful.

Why did it take so long
To honour and cherish
All that I am and blessed with?
The White man’s desire
Is that I forget I am a blessing
Bold, Proud and of Royal lineage
In the White man’s land
I’m only a slave
Never to be brave
Or know courage
The blessings of my heritage.

In the White man’s land
I knew my name
Without shame
Held my head up high
Refusing to be blamed
For having a “foreign name”
A name with meaning
Full of praise
I’m definitely proud to be called Nigerian.

Denying ones heritage and culture
A great crime
Tantamount to throwing away ones bloodline
An inheritance of great importance
If I can’t be proud of whom I am
Who will I be?
All I become is a wannabe
For the White man to see
Laughing at me he will be
All he sees is a caricature of He
Me trying to be him
What a sorry sight that would be
A crying shame for what God made me.


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