Ode To The Molue

Posted on April 29, 2012


Like the UN ambassador you mediate and bring together
Blurring lines of stature, differences, tribal and culture
Accomplishments without training, knowledge or experience
You pull off with ease of fish to water

Before you distance we kept from each other
Indifference our second nature
Proximity equaled cacophony of sounds
A blending of smells, whiffs and odors
Almost acrid to taste, offensive to smell
Occasionally fragrance to dwell

Yet you manage to put us face to face with our worst nightmares
Almost kissing our greatest fears
Does time makes us bear or distance removes the need to care
But In that precious moment we share, care and endure
Why can’t this world be so

Up in arms, defenses at the ready
Armed to the teeth with words to kill, maim and defeat
Soldiers in arm keeping their distance combat ready
Until the next ambassador arrives
Offering the chance and opportunity to be human once again

To home we return oblivious of our combat nature
Into the arms of our loving family
Only to start the following day
Script for script, line for line
Like actors in a film we will never get paid for

Like the accolades given the UN ambassador
Our driver and his conductor deserve medals
For bringing together a people who ordinarily would not see eye to eye.

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