Nigerian Sun

Posted on April 29, 2012


I bask in the gaze of your pleasant sun
Feeling the warmth of your rays like none
Where else can such joy be found
other than the naija sun by which I’m browned

I know there’s joy to be found in you from a distance
But like the firefly attracted to your glowing instance
I dance with the thought of drawing closer to you without resistance. My death, I know will be instant.

Wish as I may to bask in your warming gaze,
Would bring my end in a blaze
Though I love you my Nigerian sun,
My love for you has to be from a distance done.

How can we be so close yet so far apart
How can you love me so, yet not want my heart
Is it strange that I want you to be my fire
How stupid and strange such a desire
A closeness that would surely end with me in a fryer
My Nigerian sun fatal desire.

knowing I’m loved, I remain so from a distance
Cold, I become warm in your loving embrace
Wet, and you encompass me like a glowing furnace
What am I to do without you, what can I do without you my Nigerian sun

Many shun you, most rebuke you on a hot sunny day
I celebrate and embrace you any which way
You are the reason I rise looking forward to the morn
The reason I sleep with a smile and not a scorn

Knowing you will always be there looking down upon my weary face
Leaves assurance however long I live in this space
Knowing I will always find comfort in your warm loving embrace.

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