My Sweet Bed

Posted on April 29, 2012


Upon you I lay
beside you I sway
In my sleep and waking moments there to stay

Care enough I don’t take of you
My filth on you would make many go eww!
Yet with visitors a many, I find a way you to give you your due
If I were you, my butt would be kicked to the loo

Good or foul mood, I’m welcomed to lay on you
Despise or hate me neither you do
A bitter taste you should have, a clue never to be had
Yet you find the time to comfort me when blue, no matter how sad

Thoughtless in my ways, I bring you filth
True to your ways, sturdy without tilt
Rocking me to sleep, cosy and sweet
All I deserve: roughness of a cave and feeling beat
You my bed, what a treat!

Trample upon you I do
Cry I never see you do
Ask for much you never do
Simplicity is all about you
What a bed, what a treat!

Should a vindictive bone in you be
Nightmares, my companion would be, making me flee.
Days inside you full of tears
Body riddled with aches, pains and fears
A companion true and fair
You my bed, what a treat!

How do you manage to be carefree and true
Manage to leave yesterday’s baggage behind you
This I don’t know how to do but keen to learn from you
Borrow a leaf from you I will do
What a bed, oh, what a treat!

Whisper your words softly, you do as I fall asleep
And as I awaken; ready to entreat my day be sweet
Gladdened by the comfort of beauty sleep, my day ready to greet
To me you are such a treat.

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