My Friend

Posted on April 29, 2012


We share a laugh, a cry, a sigh, a whisper
Spend quality time, sometimes forever
Many a times we mourn together
Wishing these were times for laughter

I share with you my sorrow
Hoping for a better tomorrow
You offer a warm embrace
Giving me solace

My innermost secrets we share
Only you privy to my darkest thoughts out there
For this and more I consider you friend
A shoulder to cry on, you are my friend

Now in my moments I begin to wonder
Why me a friend you would consider.
At which point did you cry on my shoulder
Making yourself vulnerable as we grew older.

Have you told me a story that made you humble?
Shared a secret that would make you crumble?
All I see is you on the outside
Not privy to who you are on the inside

Everyone’s best friend I know you are
Taking delight no one knows your plight and who you are
But when night falls there’s none to call
I am here awaiting the breaking of dawn

A dawn highlights a new day to mend
A day I hope you my friend will take and tend
What would it take to see me your friend?
How can you journey through life without a friend?

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