My Crowning Glory

Posted on April 29, 2012


Looking at you from the outside who could tell
Taking in your dimensions makes me swell
Proud to say you are mine
Even prouder that no one knows the depth of beauty so fine
What you are…My crowning glory.

How do I describe the mold of breasts kids have suckled
Can words convey the shape, size, contour of a nipple so defined and supple
Simple and breath-taking; your nipple my mouth’s bottle
What you are…My crowning glory.

Jaws open, mouth drooling, sharing out of the question
Kid or no kid, I will limit time spent for suckle and ingestion
Kid in a candy store is all I am
Look at the eye candy I have in my hands
What you are…My crowning glory.

Should I have to share with a kid?
Heck! Baby formula a good solution with a lid
Selfish happy I know I am
My territory is not a trash can
What you are…My crowning glory.

Breasts that have suckled several
A body weary from being the General
Yet many mouths drooling a many
This is mine I ain’t sharing any
What you are…My crowning glory.

Words justice cannot do enough to define
Yet here I am beholding a beauty so human yet divine
Heart alone can express what makes you so profound
The divine inspiration in your creation tells me I’m crowned
What you are…My crowning glory.

Alas! How do I share such knowledge and pleasure found in your beauty
without revealing the depth and sweetness found in your nudity
In a silhouette, shadow or a fleeting glance, wow, such booty
The pleasing delights of your fruits quite juicy
What you are…My crowning glory.

Every man beholds you and sings your song
I alone swim in the sweetness of your loving pond
Many dare to dream you in the shadows and corridors of their wild imaginations
While You I hold, relish and cherish as my one temptation
What you are…My crowning glory.

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