Magic Stick

Posted on April 29, 2012


They call me magic stick because I perform tricks
I can stand erect like a flagpole out in the cold
Shunned by a simple hole, but still whole
Lay sideways obedient, like a log of wood
Waiting for my boss to call
Or play dead like a limp dick
After a marathon kip
Sometimes I even turn tricks

You can call me magic stick because I perform tricks
Today I’m a gun, a bullet, a weapon
On top of my game I command attention
I can fire live rounds or blanks all na ammunition

Call me magic stick, I like performing tricks
Today I’ll perform a drum trick, I won’t be a dick; I’ll just be the stick
I can twitch and jerk like an epileptic having a fit

I get my applause from females of course
They all know I have a solo disposition
That’s why women I attract and my shows fully packed

The main attraction is my drumstick act
(Women go ooh Mr Magic please perform this act)
But I need a member of the audience to play a part
(ooh, please choose me, no me, yes me, I said me, I’ll be your drum tonight!)

Well… as usual I rise to the occasion
I pound, thump and hump her like she’s a real drum
You can tell I can perform by the melody coming from the drum
I might not be two thin sticks but I’m one hell of a thick drum stick
So now you know why I love playing the drum stick;

It’s no dumb trick!

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