Posted on April 29, 2012


Like lovers on the phone in two different time zones
We lie on a bed in separate continents

Like two countries, their borders, orders and emissaries
We lie on a bed unable to communicate; two departments unless thru secretaries

Like two cities in dispute wanting a truce
We lie on a bed lacking confidence

Like lovers at loggerheads in a big mess
We lie on a bed wondering who will reach out first; why the pompousness


Like two villagers on a stupid quest full of stress
We lie like strangers on a big bed where passion once met:
An oasis, blissful; now a battleground
Smiles becoming frowns
Mind and body, no longer sound
To the world: looking like clowns

How quickly we forget the bliss of you and me
Caught in a time warp; love resembles a dead corpse
How does the eyes that once beheld fondly
Now see all as lost and empty


How did we get here?
A period of wear and tear comes to bear
This we should not fear
The love we felt; meant to share not in a closet bear

In our bed, memories of care we must share
Bodies entwined distance combined
Paradise realized, lost now must be found

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