Is The Grass Greener?

Posted on April 29, 2012


The grass seems greener on the other side
A pasture for me to lay my hide
Though greener,
Upon closer look leaner, meaner
The taste itself bitter

If only I had known to cherish my own
My sorry self, my treasure won’t disown
I was told not to disown my comfort zone
Here I am all alone on throne that’s a cone

We all are guilty of being silly
No appreciation of beauty
Beauty of our Creator’s gift,
For which we don’t have to pay stamp or custom duty
Appreciation is all that is required for what is given to us freely

Tasty our lives are and have been
Considering other options weighed in
The grass isn’t greener on the other side
It’s our eyes deceiving our minds to the evil that lurks behind.
The haughtiness of gullible minds will make us cry with nowhere to hide

The grass on this side seems thinner
If only we knew what we have is a winner
Over time, it glimmers when we simmer.
Heaven looks down with pity on us poor sinners
Knowing the grass on our side is sweeter
Full of bliss without blisters, definitely it glitters.
Like the beauty of a Rose must be handled with care
Else it becomes a stinger

Cherishing what life gives is not easy
With disgust we curse and think sleazy
Pus from these mind sores, an angel will make queasy
Putrid discharges that would make a grateful heart uneasy

Time has taught me the value of things given
An appreciation of all things small and simple.

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