Fuck You! I’m a Nigerian

Posted on April 29, 2012


How I mourn the distant past
When words were seasoned with the salt of care, grace and politeness
Today we cuss and swear
What rotten luck
What the fuck…
Oops! Pardon my French
“I don’t give a fuck!”
“What the fuck do I care if you swear”
If I don’t swear, I’m square!
“Saying fuck makes people feel cool”
No! It’s not! Its drool
Profanity is the new insanity
The vogue turning us into rogues because America spoke
Smoking is cool but then it kills you
America farts and everyone thinks its fragrance
Hip Hop part of American culture, truly a vulture
Preying on clueless minds
Selling sex; the chosen culture
Not minding its effect on mindless creatures
Nigerians we are, we have no objection
Esau did it first with no complication
Following in his footsteps is there salvation
Salvation from a path that only leads to damnation
As a nation there is salvation
The key: finding courage, strength and pride in ourselves as a great nation

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