Posted on April 29, 2012


I lick, tease, linger and squeeze
Between the mounds, wide valley and your lovely twin peaks
My reward is a moan, a groan and a come-hither sigh
Yet I get no further than a man on a false high

I caress, kiss, fondle and squeeze
Two molds, these buns with a narrow valley; O how they tease
The reward is sweet sighing, moaning she looks down and says a pleasant hi!
I had a long day at work…really tired.
Chei! The further I’m driven in my frustrated plight.

I kiss, lick and drink from your lovely stream
I hear more moans and groans in your sweet tones
I still get no further; then I hear…goodnight!
Tomorrow is a big day at work I best shut my eyes
My reward is a bulging flag pole left out in the c-c-cold!

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