Friend or Foe?

Posted on April 29, 2012


As each day passes by hope rises
Optimism is golden
Reality stares me in the face
How do I fight a battle I have no control over
Is there a way to come to terms with an unseen enemy?
The unseen enemy is my friend
A friend waiting patiently for me to grow
Growth does not come easy and painful

Like an enemy she watches me fall flat on my face
Help is not offered
This I have to do alone
Had I known to ask
Help would be given
Arrogance makes me think I stand
Pride knows that I will surely fall

If only I can be honest with myself
Help is ready to assist me on my lonesome journey
But I rant, rave and shout when I am the only one who needs to listen
The voice of reason is calm and peaceful, so I must listen

If I listen I must change
If I change who becomes I
Who will recognize me?
Who will accept me?
Who will know me?

My friend and enemy is time
Hope is my ally
Faith is my strength
Courage the backbone I so desire
To take that step that will mold me

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