Forever Yours…

Posted on April 29, 2012


Years have gone by, 20 to be exact
Laying beside you still seeing the woman I saw that made me hold my breath
Your beauty in the eye of any beholder; no threat
You from head to toe; I still break into a sweat
Age more than kind, perfected you

A promise made, a promise kept
The giving of beautiful adorable kids is a joy met
One way or another an embodiment of our love truly set
A testament to all that is good and Divine, about the God, who we has kept.

Is there really a way to show gratitude to the Divine
A manner to show and tell him being a sinner I won’t whine
Only one thing comes to mind: loving him with everything he has given is fine
In gratitude I shine.

Looking outside I see his many wonders
Different in shape, size, curve, alluring and wonder
Then I remember despite all I see
Nothing can replace the spirit within
Beauty without pales to what is in
This I cherish most with a grin
There is no duplicate for what the Divine made uniquely yours
That which carves its mark in the lives you have blessed in scores

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