Phoney Pageantry

Posted on April 29, 2012


Lying in wait, in a state
Dressed for an occasion, no correlation
Best dressed first time for an occasion
Shoes with a spit shine reflection
None to impress for this celebration

Looking good in a Windsor knotted tie
Slam-dunk crowning moment, for once in a lifetime
My moment to shine; no speech, no mime
Dressed to impress, none to interest, a crime none the less

What an occasion, everyone having a celebration
Jubilation! Cessation of a creation
Friends? Relatives? Apathy in them finds kinship
A union made in heaven
In need of care and medication
All they offered was consolation!

Spectacular and breathtaking the view around me
Lavish for self, mean to me, if I could I would flee
Abundance with no need, scarcity their cry, hiding greed
Vacation from this frustration I need, meanness their true breed

Gathering round to pay their respect
Do they really care what I expect?
Expectations and sensations I have no need for
Temptations and frustrations no longer my core
At the end of the day everyone packs up and returns home
Their cars, trims, rims; living like kings
Mansions, apartments, luxury and things

My bed tonight is luxury padded,
Comfort life never presented
The dimensions 84, 28, 23, figures resented
Six feet under where I’ll be celebrating apathy!

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