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Posted on April 29, 2012


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The sight made me gasp in horror

Is this a new trend or an error?

Isn’t nudity a close relative of obscenity?

Naked for the whole world to see

Is this really is a Nigerian!

She must be some other ‘rian’

Like an Algerian or a Liberian

Nipples erect like a soldier

Breasts glowing,  showing their pride and youthfulness

A common sight in the West

Foreign to us; we are not impressed

She has strayed too far away from home to be a Nigerian

She became the native of another land

Without ever leaving the Motherland

Nollywood trying to be a slutty Hollywood

I begin to wonder about pride, self-esteem and dignity

Our youth in their prime, say this is no crime; this is their time to shine!!!

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