Do I Exist?

Posted on April 29, 2012


I look up to see the exquisiteness of your beauty
It transcends looks
I look and see your soul
How could this be so?
I see you but do you see me

How is it I see within your soul
Knowing so well and yet without existence to you
You became my cause and your happiness my goal
But do you see me?

Everyone sees your laughter I see your pain
Looking at you I see beyond time and space
I see eternity in you and with you
You see a burden, a yolk and a pest

Happiness I desire, but you look and see a noose around your neck
To the world I’m a fool, cruel but true
You see a glitch time will fix
I look adore, cherish and desire you beyond words
What would you see if you did look at me

A mother travails and gives birth
Protection is her watch word
Safety her goal
The Being stands back, watching, protecting, guiding and preventing
Love intervenes, protects, guides and prevents

Does love become a nuisance, burden or yoke
Love is my identity, thought and way of life
If I cannot love then I cease to exist
Ceasing to exist is there any hope for the world?

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