A Man’s Man, That I Am

Posted on April 29, 2012


I’m a man!

I growl, bellow, belch sometimes yellow,
But still a man I am
I chase, I flirt with anything in a skirt,
Who says I’m not a Man!
From birth I’m told superior and bold
Qualities I have as a man.
Women I behold duties to uphold and console
Shows the true man I am.
Emotions I’m told, not mine to show
The manner of man I am.
Feelings no squealing, things I keep hidden
Shows the strong man I am.
Family I’m keeping, comfort giving
Allows me pleasures outside.
Never home early, wife thinks of me dearly
Surely makes me a man.
Smoking, groping, swigging no moping
Make me the street smart guy I am.
Wife beating, all controlling
Shows the no nonsense man I am.

Now I’m old, my legacy I’m told
Leads to Judgment of what manner of man I am.
Such thoughts leave me cold, not feeling bold
I wish I could turn back the hands of time.
Feelings are gold, emotions showing bold
Makes me human now I know.
The lost years: I care,
Time thrown away without fear
A past lost, a treasure I would gladly hold dear.
What a confusion! A bully for a man
How sad to know this man I am.

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