Posted on April 29, 2012


Death is neither friend nor foe
Tis’ an ally deserving a rally by those sullied with the pains of reality
Death! Life it doth not take away, terminal illness gladly held at bay
O the depth of suffering, by one ravaged with illness
Relief found thru the taking of life: quite profound
O how my soul doth rejoice that death kept pain and suffering at bay

Death the friend of time, making sure we don’t go beyond the line
Whether young or old, death is neither cruel nor cold
Death a messenger is, fulfilling the timing of our breath; a gift
A divine order giving us a lift

Who can upset the wheels of time?
Consistent, persistent and resistant to any whine
A time, a purpose and a season: everything in rhyme
In line with everything divine
Nature’s balance death is, fulfilling the Creator’s will, yes it is

Those left behind suffer and cry; their life’s journey still a while
Clothes the called need no longer, their true bodies stronger
The called gather and jubilate, the left behind cry and contemplate
The will of the Creator, death must disseminate, it does not discriminate

Is there bravery in the face of death, not when life lived is full of regret
In reaping and sowing, there’s a knowing where you are going
Another’s life no one can borrow,
Fill life with goodness, not sorrow, you never know tomorrow

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