Computer age

Posted on April 29, 2012


Computer Age a scary stage
video games end of days
Human interaction settles for digital satisfaction
Our time is virtual; but we don’t mind
You and I lost in virtual crimes
Gigabytes; where we store the fruits of our time, our virtual life

Social interaction doomed and no more,
Human dissatisfaction a disease without cure
Children running down streets, climbing trees
A sight for sore eyes, I sorely miss
Adults socializing in bars: human contact without the virtual prison bars
Sex was sweet, the chase, the heat; we end up in a hotel suite

Human contact was sex in fact; blown-up dolls and dildoes to which we now react
Human sex now outcast, cybersex the major act
Gone are the days we laugh and argue:
Growing up like this…special in its own kind of way
Learning about each other through error and play
Now we live in a virtual day
Social virtual networking is having a field day

Emoticons replacing real emotions
Facebook the new social tool
Reading a book is no more cool
How I miss the days of no mobile phones
Texting is now a clone for talking
Human interaction lost in action
cyber connections the main attraction

It took a village to raise a child; computers now groom innocent minds
Learning from parents no longer cool, Computers they say is now the tool
Knowledge, Experience and Wisdom gained over time,
Found on the internet isn’t this a crime!

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