Posted on April 29, 2012


Never knew I would have a companion such as you
Standing with me through thick and thin.
On rainy days I suspect you would rather I go without you
On sunny days you complain the sun is hot too
Surprisingly, regardless of weather, you are always there with me.

Sometimes I wonder why you never give up on me.
Is it because you are comfortable with me?
On days you make your presence known,
A little pinch there, a little pain there
Nevertheless something I can bear

But come what may, you are always there beside me, standing with me.
Many think I should trade you in for a better version
Nicer curves, supple skin, tight figure
Will Serve me better they say
Not minding which way I sway

Where were they when I was beaten by the rain
Standing by me in the scorching rays
Braving the wet and cold in expectation of summer days
How do I forget such times or days

Smitten I adore what you weight regardless of what they say
Who discards an old friend
Does away for a new trend
Tramples upon a caring friend

Issues we’ve had
worked through by the cobblers hands
Discard you I won’t
Fight for you I will
For a friend you have been
My beloved suede shoes

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